About Bitcoin Lotto for the better gaming experience


Lotto is a lucky draw game where the player buys a lottery ticket. It has a sequence of random numbers on it. The lottery is drawn, and that determines who the lucky winner depends on the numbers he holds on his lottery. The winner takes home a specific amount of promised money.

Lottery or lotto is a very famous lucky game in the US. The most renowned lottery game in the US is the ‘Powerball Lottery.’ It boasts for producing the largest lottery jackpot of the decade with about $1.58 million.

A summary about the game

The Lotto game is played online. They are not available as physical tickets to the buyers/players. Many online websites offer virtual lotto tickets and payment in the mode of cryptocurrency or bitcoins. Several tickets you buy more are the chance of winning the game. That way, you can get more probability of winning the lotto game and make more chances of winning money. Players can win up to even $200 every hour through these available online websites.

Many websites open weekly lottery slots. Each of your lottery tickets automatically adds up on your weekend, and you take home the winning amount. Weekends on Sundays about ten winners are picked and are displayed on the Lottery notice board on the website. Each lotto website has its terms and conditions for the game. It is effortless as such to sign up, collect more lottery tickets, and win the game.


You need to wager on the bitcoin dice game. Each bet earns you one lottery ticket. More you wager, more the lottery tickets you will receive. Some websites offer freerolls to help you earn bitcoins as much as $200 every hour. Each freeroll offers you two lottery tickets for free. There are also referral schemes available in many online lotto websites. You can refer your friends to the lotto website. Each time your referral makes a freeroll, you can earn a lottery ticket for free.

Lotto game is an exciting lucky draw game and a game of pure chance!